Vodní hospodářství
Water management
For the preparation of ultrapure water and demi offers
tailor Quins designed:
Reverse osmosis units (RO)
Ion exchange water softening units
Equipment for degreasing - equipment
paint shops and electroplating
For surface preparation, degreasing and Encapsulating
Quins offers
High pressure degreasing boxes with recirculating washing water
Degreasing chambers
Immersion degreasing bath lines


For storing drinking water, waste water and rain water or
different chemicals Quins offers tailor-made
tanks and reservoirs


Motto: “Among the many parallels between pure water and virtue, the fact that both are highly praised while being much neglected is not the least of them.“  G. Ch. Lichtenberg

Quins s.r.o. Is a family company which has been delivering equipment for the liquidation of industrial waste water since 1991. This includes adsporption – demulsification units and neutralization stations, evaporators, microfiltration and ultrafiltration units. Such equipment is used in the liquidation of waters from industrial degreasing, galvanizing metal plating, from glass and ceramic operations and other similar activities.

In 2003 our range of products was extended to include equipment for the preparation of surfaces. This includes especially high pressure degreasers , phosphating and immersion degreasing lines. In 2012 we brought our automatic chamber degreaser onto the market.